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Hello and thanks for checking out Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat. This is a new home for both guitar players and guitar lovers. The aim of Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat is very simple indeed. ESGR is here to provide guitar fanatics with useful and interesting guitar related material. Take a look around and I hope you enjoy your time here. 

guitar exercise trills of death improve finger strength and endurance

In this guitar lesson, we will be taking a look at a good old guitar exercise and as you can tell from the title of the lesson, the aim of this particular guitar exercise is to show you how to develop your finger strength and endurance for guitar playing.

enter sandman tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson with an admittedly dull title, we shall be looking at the Enter Sandman TAB. Metallica are one of my favourite bands

pride and joy tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson, we will be taking a look at the Full Pride and Joy TAB. We will break this Stevie Ray Vaughan classic blues track down into 12 bar chunks and learn the entire song one piece at a time.

jailhouse rock tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson, we will be looking at the Jailhouse Rock TAB. Jailhouse Rock is one of the most well known tracks by Elvis Presley and it’s very fun to play on guitar

rumble tab chords guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson, we will be looking at the Rumble TAB and learning how to play this 1958 classic one step at a time

in bloom tab guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson, we shall be looking at the In Bloom TAB. If you’re looking for a grunge Nirvana classic that’s almost entirely based on simple power chords, this will definitely be the lesson for you.

list of guitar tunings alternate guitar tunings

Are you looking for a big list of guitar tunings? If so, as the title of the article suggests, you’re definitely in the right place. I will be introducing you to a total of fifteen guitar tunings and providing a brief explanation of each one.

How to practice bends on guitar

In this guitar lesson, you will learn how to practice bends in an effective and efficient way. The advice you read here, if implemented correctly, will help you to become a master of the bending technique.

iron man tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson, we will be looking at the Iron Man TAB and learning how to play this Black Sabbath classic one step at a time and in full.

hurt guitar chords and tab

Welcome to my Hurt guitar lesson. Here, we will taking a look at the Hurt guitar chords and TAB and by the end, you’ll know how to play

can't buy me love chords tab guitar lesson

We’re back with another Beatles song for you to learn. This time, we’ll be looking at the Can’t Buy Me Love chords and TAB. This one is ideal for the beginner guitarists.

hirajoshi scale on guitar exotic guitar scales

In this guitar lesson, I’m going to teach you all about the Hirajoshi scale on guitar. As you can probably tell by the featured image of the lesson, the Hirajoshi scale has Japanese origins.

eat sleep guitar repeat guitar lessons

Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat offers a wide range of guitar lessons on a wide range of topics. You can learn lead and rhythm guitar techniques as well as how to play songs. You will also find a whole bunch of guitar playing related advice and much much more. 

Guitar Lessons

eat sleep guitar repeat articles

Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat isn’t just a place to learn things on guitar. Any guitar fanatic is welcome here whether they’re a guitarist, or not. In addition to the lessons and resources, you’ll also find a whole load of guitar related articles to read at your leisure. 


Latest Articles

rude mood stevie ray vaughan

Welcome to the first instalment in a series that I’m calling EPIC GUITAR. A series to appreciate epic guitar playing. Rude Mood by Stevie Ray Vaughan


The Black Album is a commonly used alternative name or nickname for Metallica’s self Titled, 5th studio album that was released in 1991.

rockstar by nickelback review

Rockstar by Nickelback is the song that I’m reviewing today. Why? I hear you ask. Rockstar is a song from way back in the old days.

red house by jimi hendirx

In my correct opinion. Red House by Jimi Hendrix is one of the most underrated blues guitar songs ever recorded. I guess that answers the

easy guitar songs list

Easy guitar songs are the subject for today and what you’re going to find is fairly self explanatory. I’ve compiled a list of songs that are relatively easy to play on guitar

songs in dadgad jimmy page

In this article, I’ll be providing a list of songs in DADGAD. Shortly, you’ll see a list of 17 different songs that use the DADGAD tuning as well as a brief (and I mean brief) explanation of what exactly the DADGAD guitar tuning is. You’ll also find a mini guitar

Greatest electric guitar intros

In a recent article for Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat, I listed 24 of the greatest acoustic guitar intros in the history of the universe.

paul gilbert get out of my yard

The Paul Gilbert Get Out of My Yard instrumental guitar album from the year 2006 is the subject for today. Gilbert, founder of the band Mr Big

greatest acoustic guitar intros

Guitar Intros are a wonderful thing. A well-crafted introduction can provide a song with a huge chunk of its identity and serve as a hook

electric ladlyland review the jimi hendrix experience

Electric Ladyland is the third and also the final studio album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the final album released prior to Jimi Hendrix’ death in the year 1970.

eric johnson ah via musicom review near perfect guitar album

Ah Via Musicom is the second studio album by guitarist Eric Johnson from the year 1990. The album remained on the Billboard 200 chart for 60 weeks and peaked at number 67

steve vai passion and warfare album

Passion and Warfare was released in the year 1990 and is the second studio album from guitar master and legend Steve Vai.

Resources for Guitarists

The Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat guitar chord library is home to  lots of guitar chords. The aim of this online chords library is to make chord books redundant and to provide guitar players a go to place to find new guitar chords that they haven’t learned yet and to help them refresh on guitar chords they’ve learned and long since forgotten. This is the place where you will find all the guitar chords you will ever need so dive in and enjoy. 

The chord charts are crisp, simple and easy to read and everything is arranged very neatly. Follow the link below to access the chords library. 

Guitar Chords Library

Follow the link below to access our free and easy to use browser based metronome. 


Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat doesn’t focus only on rhythm. In addition to the chords library, there’s also a scales library which you can access below. 

Scales Library

Looking for a quick and simple way to tune your guitar? Look no further. Follow the link below to access the guitar tuner page. 

Guitar Tuner

Not every guitarists uses software such as Guitar Pro to write out guitar TAB. Many prefer to use the simple paper based method. If that’s you, follow the link below to access blank printable TAB sheets

Blank Printable TAB


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