About Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat

So they tell me that I need to create a page that explains just what Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat does, so here it is. The About Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat page or, the about us page if you will. This isn’t a complex or even an all that interesting story but thanks for checking it out either way. 

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Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat was created by me, Ryan J Mellor. A guitarist/musician from a fairly drab little city in the UK called Stoke-on-Trent.  

I first picked up a guitar in my mid teens and with a little dedication and hard work, I became a pretty decent guitarist if I do say so myself but the problem I had was that I never really did anything noteworthy with my skill.  

I appreciate that this story isn’t particularly unique. There’re thousands of musicians out there that never get noticed for how good they are and I just accepted this as a simple fact of life. That is, until you know what came around and forced the world to kind of stand still for a while. 

Ryan J Mellor

With the distractions of the outside world removed, I found that outside of my day job, I had very little to do. I decided it was about time I finally did something with my guitar skills.  

I ultimately decided on developing a guitar focused website because I could take action on it right away. I already possessed the technical web skills thanks to previous job roles. The idea was to write a guitar lesson or an article here and there and hopefully, over time, the site would grow into a place full of features and resources that guitar players and guitar fanatics would find useful and interesting.  

I wanted and still want Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat to be a constantly growing and developing place that I as a guitarist would like to visit now and then.  

Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat has got off to a good start, but there’s a long way to go yet before the website reaches the objectives that I’ve set out in my head.  

So to conclude, Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat is a place for anyone interested in guitar “stuff”. There’s a large amount of in depth guitar lessons and articles and there’s a whole bunch of ever growing and developing guitar related tools, resources and features too. If you love the guitar, you’re in the right place and you’re in safe hands.  

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