Come Together guitar TAB how to play Come Together by The Beatles

Here you’ll find the full Come Together guitar TAB and full guitar lesson for this Beatles classic. The Beatles were one of the reasons that I picked up a guitar in the first place so I wanted to have a Beatles lesson on the site as early as possible. 

The only debate I had with myself was which Beatles song I was going to use. It’s not like I was short of options. There’s tons of amazing Beatles songs and a lot which are really fun to play on guitar. I settled on Come Together because it has a lot of different elements. It’s a riff based song but there’s still plenty of rhythm work and there’s 2 guitar solos for you to sink your teeth into. Come together is an extremely well known song that I’m sure you’re already familiar with so let’s not waste anytime and just get straight into the guitar lesson.

How to play come together by The Beatles

come together tab and guitar lesson

Nobody needs to be told that one of the major components of come together is the guitar riff. It’s a simple 1 bar riff that is used for the intro of the song and again at various points throughout. Here is the riff.

Come together guitar riff TAB

I haven’t included the repeat marks in the above TAB but I can tell you that for the intro, this riff is repeated 4 times. This riff is extremely simple but extremely effective and can be considered one of the most well-known guitar riffs of all time so no further development is really necessary. If you do want to play with the riff and make it your own though you can. Below you’ll see 3 ways of altering the main come together riff. Each bar represents a different approach.

Come together guitar riff variations

Just like the main riff, this section is very simple and very effective. It’s a kind of Chuck Berry approach to the rhythm with the first bar repeated 4 times and the second repeated twice before moving onto that G that is struck once before resting for the rest of the bar and the bar after that.

Again just like the guitar riff, I’ve come up with some variation for you.

Come together verse variation 1

Come together verse variation 2

Just like last time the changes that I’ve made here are very small. The first example changes just a couple of notes which can easily be implemented and mixed with the original and the second example incorporates an interesting little walk that bridges the 2 parts together. This again can be mixed in even if it’s just in 1 of the verses.

What follows these 2 parts is another 4 bars of the main riff followed by the second verse which is structured and performed exactly the same as the first verse.

After the second verse we have another new section to learn and that is the chorus which you can see below.

Come together chorus guitar TAB

No variation needed with this one. It is very short and to the point. This can be performed differently but what you see there does the job. Once the chorus is complete, go back to the riff and repeat 4 times before moving on to the next verse which again is a guitar repeat of what you already know.

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After that verse you have another chorus and then 2 repeats of the riff before moving on to the next section which is the first instrumental or solo section.

I’ll show you both rhythm and lead parts for this section.

Come together first solo rhythm

Nice and easy right? What’s going on in the forefront is a little more complex but not particularly difficult to perform. There’s an organ part which I have included in the guitar TAB for you to perform which lasts the first 4 bars over the D and then there’s a lead guitar part and a harmony. Here’s all of that.

Come together first solo guitar TAB

Come together first solo guitar TAB harmony

This guitar solo is very bend heavy so your bends will have to be spot on. There is vibrato going on there as well but it is down to you how you want to apply that.

Following this first solo section is a short organ instrumental bit which lasts for a couple of bars. Once that has concluded, we move into the last verse which is performed in a slightly different way to the previous ones.

Come together last verse

I didn’t bother with the last rest bar in that crop. The change is in the D part at the start of the verse. As you can see, the riff has been kind of wedged into the verse. The A section has no changes and nor does what comes after.

What follows this verse is another chorus performed the same as the others followed by 4 more repeats of the main riff and then finally, the second guitar solo which lasts for about a minute and fades out to end. This solo is much longer than the previous but the TAB right to the end of the fade out can been seen below.

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Come together solo 2 TAB

I’m not a fan of fade out outros personally but it is what it is. If you’re performing this live you’ll need to come up with a way of ending the song neatly. It isn’t that hard to finish the rhythm for that last bar and then maybe 1 more rhythm bar ending on the D chord and it’s also fairly easy to tag the main riff on the end just once which can sound pretty cool.

Come together by The Beatles is a song suitable for the higher beginner upward. It’s the definition of simple guitar done well. Those lead parts have lots of bends in lots of places so practicing this will help to fine tune your bending skills.

That main riff is a guitar lesson in itself for every guitar player and musician alive.

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