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Welcome to the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat Guitar Chords Library. Here you will find lots of guitar chords. The aim of this online chords library is to make chord books redundant and to provide guitar players a go to place to find new guitar chords that they haven’t learned yet and to help them refresh on guitar chords they’ve learned and long since forgotten. This is the place where you will find all the guitar chords you will ever need so dive in and enjoy. 

The Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat guitar chords library will more than likely forever be in development. The idea is to add more guitar chords as time goes on resulting in one of the best online resources for guitar chords in the world. 

The chord charts are crisp, simple and easy to read and everything is arranged very neatly. To find a chord, simply click on one of the options below. 

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As you may expect, guitar chords are a topic that’s covered quite often on a guitar related website and Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat is no exception. The guitar chords library is in fairness, rather big and for some, this may be quite daunting and overwhelming. Some may struggle with where to start. All the articles in this next section are guitar chord related. Take a look. They may help you find something specific to focus on. 

9 chords major 9 chords minor 9 chords dominant 9 chords on guitar

In this guitar lesson here at Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat, we will be looking at different types of 9 chords on guitar. Superficially, we will be

2 chord songs ed sheeran

You’ve heard of 3 chord songs and 4 chord songs. But 2 chord songs? Yep, they exist and there’re a whole bunch that you already know.

how to change key on guitar

The question of how to change key on guitar is something that all guitarists think about at some point in their guitar journey. We learn how to make chord progressions within a single key

fm guitar chord guitar lesson feature image

In this guitar lesson, we will be taking an in depth look at the Fm guitar chord. We will look at some typical ways of playing the chord on

cm guitar chord

I think that the title speaks for itself. In this guitar lesson, we will be looking at the Cm guitar chord or, the C minor guitar chord if you

how to play g major on guitar

In this beginner guitar lesson, we will be looking at how to play G major on guitar. By G major, I am of course naturally referring to the G major chord

minor chord variations

My aim with this guitar lesson is very simple. I’m going to show you many different minor chord variations on guitar.

how to play the f major chord on guitar if you are struggling ryan j mellor

In this guitar lesson, we will be going on an in-depth exploration on how to play the F major chord on guitar. The F major chord is the most difficult

introduction to barre chords for beginners featured image

Welcome to this introduction to barre chords guitar lesson. This lesson is intended for guitarists who are looking to learn how to play barre chords on guitar.

jazz chord progressions for guitar

The title says it all. In this guitar lesson, I will be showing you some jazz chord progressions. This is an ideal lesson for guitar

practice chord changes on guitar

In this beginner guitar lesson, I will be showing you a way to practice chord changes. This is a lesson aimed at beginner guitar players who are at one of these following stages of learning how to play guitar.

diminished 7th chord trick

Welcome to this lesson on diminished 7th guitar chords. Firstly allow me to apologise for the cheesy title of this guitar lesson. …

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