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Welcome to the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat guitar lessons page. This area of the website is simplicity personified. Here you’ll find every single Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat guitar lesson. This site doesn’t use any form of categorisation for lessons and the lessons aren’t in any particular order. Simply dive in, enjoy and rock on! There’s all kinds of guitar lessons here. Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, song tutorials, general advice and tips. ESGR has it all and there’s material for all skill levels. 

practice chord changes on guitar

In this beginner guitar lesson, I will be showing you a way to practice chord changes. This is a lesson aimed at beginner guitar players who are at one of these following stages of learning how to play guitar.

love me tender guitar tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson I will be showing you the full Love me Tender TAB and providing you with a full guitar lesson and guide on how to play

miserlou by dick dale guitar tab and guitar lesson

In this guitar lesson we’re going to look at the Miserlou TAB. By the end, you’ll know how to play arguably the ultimate surf rock guitar song. We’ll be learning the Dick Dale version specifically. Hope you like 16th notes because there’s a lot of them in this one. Miserlou

how to play paranoid guitar tab and guitar lesson

I think that it’s about the right time for another classic guitar track. In this guitar lesson we will be learning how to play Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Paranoid is a proper good old muted power chord with distortion track that I think every rock guitarist should learn at some

stone cold steve austin entrace theme guitar tab

If you’re ready to break some glass and learn the Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance theme guitar TAB then give me a hell yeah! What? I basically said that this is going to be the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat Stone Cold Steve Austin theme song guitar lesson. Let’s give the

my girl guitar tab

They don’t make them like this anymore. This is the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat My Girl guitar TAB guitar lesson and full how to play guide. My girl is a magnificently fun song to play on guitar. It has an amazing riff and a great groove. This classic Temptations track


Welcome to this Redemption Song guitar lesson. Here you’ll find the full Redemption Song TAB as well as a full guide on how to play it. Redemption song is the final track on Bob Marley and the Wailers’ 12th album, Uprising. This strictly solo acoustic song is considered to be

every natural harmonic on the fretboard

In this article you’ll find a map that will show you the location of every natural harmonic on the fretboard. Natural harmonics are chime like sounds that can be produced on the guitar. Natural harmonics can be produced by lightly touching (but not pressing down) a string at certain points.

exotic guitar scales

Well I think it’s about time that we looked at some exotic guitar scales here at Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat. In this guitar lesson you’re getting two for the price of one my 6 string god like friend. There are certain scales, that in my opinion at least every guitar

purple haze tab and guitar lesson

Here you’ll find the Purple Haze guitar TAB and guide on how to play this Jimi Hendrix classic. Welcome to the very first and one hundred percent not the last Jimi Hendrix guitar lesson for Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat. Jimi Hendrix is unquestionably one of the greatest guitar players of

the beatles 8 days a week guitar lesson guitar tab

In this guitar lesson you’ll find the 8 Days a week guitar TAB and a full guide on how to play this classic Beatles track. Let’s break the 4th wall. I haven’t actually created the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat website at the time of writing this. This piece is 1

come together tab and guitar lesson

Here you’ll find the full Come Together guitar TAB and full guitar lesson for this Beatles classic. The Beatles were one of the reasons that I picked up a guitar in the first place so I wanted to have a Beatles lesson on the site as early as possible.  The

hallelujah tab and guitar lesson

In this written guitar lesson I’m going to provide you with the full Hallelujah guitar TAB. I’ll also show you how to play Hallelujah on guitar in the same way as I do. This is a great little piece to learn. It can be finger picked or played with a

neoclassical guitarist yngwie malmsteen

Welcome to this introduction to neoclassical guitar licks. Neoclassical is certainly a niche genre of music but in my opinion, it’s a pretty cool one. I love the sound and it can be a lot of fun to play. It’s a genre ruled by the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen. It

beginner guitar chords

In this lesson I’ll be answering the question in the title. Which guitar chords should i learn first? Learning any instrument or anything new for that matter can seem extremely daunting at first. Everything seems very alien and without guidance, a newbie may have trouble figuring out where to start.

difference between different types of 9 chords

Today I’m going to answer a commonly asked question. What’s the difference between 9 add9 and major and minor 9 chords? Despite being posted on this site, this isn’t really a guitar lesson as such. This is more of a mini answer to a question I find is commonly asked.

8 bar blues 16 bar blues and 24 bar blues

Welcome to this introductary lesson of the 8 bar blues 16 bar blues and 24 bar blues. Every guitar player knows the good old 12 bar blues. Okay maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to say EVERY guitar player but the vast majority do. Probably at least ninety percent.

ace of spades tab

Ace of Spades by Motorhead is a track that I wanted to get in early at Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat. In this lesson I’ll give you the Ace of Spades guitar TAB. This one for me is a little bit underappreciated in the guitar world. I don’t hear it played

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