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Welcome to the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat online guitar tuner. This guitar tuner is completely free, it’s easy to use and it’s 100% accurate. No microphone access is required. All you need to do is click the buttons which represent the strings on your guitar thickest to thinnest and use the sound that you hear as a reference tone to tune your guitar. 

On this page, you’ll find a multitude of tuning options. The first tuner you’ll find is for standard tuning and then below that, you’ll find a wide range of alternate tuning options so if you’re someone who likes to use alternate guitar tunings or, if you’re someone who would like to try alternate tunings, you’re in the right place. 

Online Guitar Tuner Standard Tuning

Online guitar tuners for alternate guitar tunings

Below, you’ll find a wide range of alternate guitar tunings. These tunings are not in any particular order. Simply scroll down and find the guitar tuning that you’re looking for. There isn’t a tuner for every single tuning option that exists, but there’s a great collection which will only grow over time. 

Drop D Guitar Tuner

Half Step Down Guitar Tuner

Drop D – D A D G B E

Perhaps the most commonly used of the alternate guitar tunings is drop D tuning. five of the six strings remain the same with drop D, but that low E string is dropped down by a full time from E to D, hence the name of the tuning. A great option for those looking to try alternate tunings for the first time.

Half Step Down (E flat) – Eb Ab Db GB Bb Eb

The second alternate guitar tuning option on this page is  half step down or, E flat tuning. This is a very simple alternate guitar tuning but you will need to adjust all six of your strings. Simply tune each of your guitar strings down by a semitone (or half step) and you’re in half step down tuning. This one is in my opinion, the easiest to use as your guitar playing does not technically alter at all. 

DADGAD Guitar Tuner

Open D Guitar Tuner


The DADGAD tuning (pronounced dad gad) is the only tuning here that’s named directly from the notes which make it. With this tuning, three of the strings remain the same and three are altered. Both E strings are tuned down a tone, as is the B string. The others remain the same as they are in standard tuning. 

Open D – D A D Gb A D

Open D tuning retains two of the string notes from standard tuning whilst adjusting the other four. The A and D are the ones that are unaltered. Or, you could think of the open D tuning as the same DADGAD, but with the G string lowered by a half step which gives us that Gb. The notes of this tuning are all part of the D major triad. D being the root, A the fifth and Gb being the minor third.

Drop C# Guitar Tuner

Drop C Guitar Tuner

Drop C# – C# G# C# F# A# D#

Drop C# is achieved by taking the drop D tuning that we looked at earlier in the list and then tuning every string down by a half step. This tuning can also be referred to as drop D flat by simply swapping out the notes for their enharmonic equivalents. You could also think of it as standard tuning with everything lowered by a semitone except the low E which is lowered by a tone and a half. 

Drop C – C G C F A D

With drop C tuning, the strings are tuned to CGCFAD. Or one could think of it as the same as drop D but every string, including the already lowered 6th string is dropped down by a full tone. You could also compare this tuning to standard tuning by saying everything is tuned down a whole step apart from the sixth string which is tuned down by two full tones instead of one.

Drop B Guitar Tuner

Open Dm Guitar Tuner

Drop B – B F# B E G# C#

There’s a couple of ways to describe how Drop B tuning is created. You could say that it’s a tuning where the sixth string is dropped by two and a half steps and all the others are dropped by one and a half steps. You could say that it’s the same as drop D only everything is lowered by a tone and a half or, you could describe it as the same as drop C but every string is lowered by a semitone. 

Open Dm – D A D F A D

The easiest way to think of the open Dm (D mionr) tuning is that it’s the same as the DADGAD alternate tuning only the G string is lowered by a full tone. You can also think of it as the same as open D but with a minor third (F) instead of a major third. This information tells us that the notes of this tuning for a D minor chord in the same way that open D formed a D major chord.

Full Step Down Guitar Tuner

Open C Guitar Tuner

Full Step Down – D G C F A D

The full step down alternate tuning is much like half step down tuning. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Achieving this tuning is simple. All you need to do is tune all six strings down by a full tone. This one, along with half step down are probably the easiest two alternate tunings for those looking to try new tunings for the first time.

Open C – C G C G C E

To achieve the open C tuning, you must tune your strings to CGCGCE from thickest to thinnest. There’re three different notes there. C, G and E. These are the notes of the C major triad. C is the root, E is the major third and G is the perfect fifth. Only two strings are left unaltered from standard with this one, the G and high E. The other four are all altered. 

Open E Guitar Tuner

Open G Guitar Tuner

Open E – E B E G# B E

With the open E guitar tuning, three of the strings are left as they are and the other three are altered. Both E strings remain untouched, as does the B string. Both the A and D strings are tuned up by a tone, and the G string is tuned up by a semitone. Like the open D tuning, the notes from this one form a chord. In this case, it’s the E major chord. 

Open G – D G D G B D

Similar to other open guitar tunings such as open D, the open string notes of the open G tuning produce a chord when strummed. In this case, it’s the G major chord as the root is G, the major third is B, and the perfect fifth is D. Three of the strings remain untouched (D, G and B), and the other three are altered. 

Open A Guitar Tuner

Double Drop D Guitar Tuner

Open A – E A E A C# E

Like other open guitar tunings, the open A tuning produces a chord when all six strings are strummed open. Naturally, in this case, the chord is A major. To achieve this, we alter three of the six strings. Both E strings remain the same, as does the A string. We tune up on the second, third and fourth strings to get E A E A C# E.

Double drop D – D A D G B D

The double drop D tuning can be thought of in a couple of ways. It’s either the same as drop D tuning but with the high E string tuned down a tone too or, it’s standard tuning with both the E strings tuned down a tone. Either way, it’s not particularly difficult to understand. This maybe one to try for those already familiar with drop D.

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