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Welcome to the Eat Sleep Guitar Repeat Chord Library G Chords section. Here you will find all different types of G guitar chords ranging from 3 note chords to more complex extended guitar chords and everything in-between. Take a look around. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

3 Note G Guitar Chords

Here are the 3 note G guitar chords. These are chords that contain a combination of 3 notes for example, major chords which are made up of a root, major 3rd and a perfect 5th.

G Major Chords

G Minor Chords

G Augmented Chords

G Diminished Chords

G Sus2 and Sus4 Chords

G 7th Guitar chords

Take a look at all of the variations of G 7 guitar chords. The chords in this section are chords that go 1 step beyond the 3 notes chords by including the 7th note. An example would be the minor 7 chord which contains a root note, a minor 3rd a perfect 5th and a flat 7th.

G Dominant 7 Chords

G Major 7 Chords

G Minor 7 Chords

G Diminished 7 Chords

G Minor 7 Flat 5 Chords

G 7 Sus2 Chords and 7 Sus4 Chords

G Dominant 7 Flat 5 Chords

G Dominant 7 Sharp 5 Chords

G Major 7 Flat 5 Chords

G Major 7 Sharp 5 Chords

G Minor Major 7 Chords

G flat Extended Guitar Chords

In this section you will find all of the G guitar chords that include notes beyond the 7th. All variations of 9 chords, 11 chords and 13 chords can be found in this section. For example, the minor add9 chord which includes a root note, a minor or flat 3rd, a perfect 5th and a 9th.

G Dominant 9 Chords

G Major 9 Chords

G Minor 9 Chords

G Add9 Chords

G Minor Add9 Chords

G 7 Sharp 9 Chords

G 7 Flat 9 Chords

G 9 Flat 5 Chords

G Dominant 11 Chords

G Dominant 13 Chords

G Major 7 Sharp 11 Chords

G Major 9 Sharp 11 Chords

G Major 11 Chords

G Major 13 Chords

G Minor 11 Chords

G Minor 13 Chords

G Minor Major 9 Chords

Other G Guitar Chords

Finally we have chords that don’t fit into any of the other guitar chord categories for example power chords and major and minor 6 chords.

G Major 6 Chords

G Minor 6 Chords

G Power Chords

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